Monday, October 4, 2010

Jigsaw EYE SPY quilt tutorial + free giveaway

Hi there, I received quite a few comments on the jigsaw Eye spy quilt so I photographed each stage of the making of my second one to post in a tutorial format.  As I have never posted a tutorial before, and I am assuming most people that are viewing this post are quilters there may be a few steps, that are basic missed in the process so please forgive me for this. 

So here we go:

1. Chose 16 fabrics to make the body of  your quilt - and its a good idea to have it age appropriate and themed.  For instance I made this quilt for a 3 year old girl so they are semi nursery little girl appealing fabrics, but you could do all animals, or trucks or bugs for a little boy.

You will need 9.5 inch square of each fabric + about a 3 inch square to make the tabs.  Not all squares need a tab so if you have one or two fabrics that are not large enough that's ok.

2.  Lay them out in an appealing form,  I made mine have a diagonal row of yellow print as I intended to use a yellow peeper border and yellow binding.

At this stage either take a photo of the lay out or make notes so when you begin to join the blocks you do not get them out of order. 

3. Now decide which blocks will have tabs,  draw them on visofix and iron onto the back of the chosen fabrics.  Make sure that you have them the correct way up before ironing them so they are not upside down when sewn onto the squares to form your jigsaw puzzle pieces. 


4. When you are happy with the lay out iron the cut out tabs onto the adjoining pieces and start sewing the blocks together into pairs and then into rows.  

5.  Now sew the four rows together ensuring that the corners all line up.  You should now have 4 rows of 4

6.  The next part is the tricky part.  You need to outline each piece in black bias binding.  I purchased 10 meters and had about 10cm left over when I finished.  If you have lots of tabs on your puzzle pieces you will need a bit more, but use this as a guide.

7. Working in strips along rows, perhaps starting where you have a long stretch of seam before you hit a tab and use black thread on your machine and bobbin (so the stitches are invisible).  Gather and pin your work around the curved sections easing the bias as you go.  As you come to the corners to start going around a tab, mitre the fold as you would when binding a quilt.  Stitch the fold flat.

8. Make sure that you stitch on BOTH sides of the bias binding.  Stitch any puckers, folds or gathers flat as you go.

9. When you have done all the horizontal strips repeat this process for the vertical strips.  After this step is done, give your work a good press.

10. Now you can add your peeper borders, choose a contrasting colour to highlight one of the colours in the quilt. 

I chose a sunny yellow for this quilt.  Measure the quilt top across the centre and cut four strips 2.5 inches wide.  Sew two strips to each side of the quilt and press. Now sew two strips to the top and bottom of the quilt and press. 

11.  Almost done, Time to add the outer borders.  I cut my border strips 6 inches wide, the reason was it showed the print up quite well without repeating it, but the width of this border is up to you.  Add them in the same order as the peeper borders.  Press seams when done.

12.  Now its time to quilt.  I have not taken any photos of this step, but on the first eye spy jigsaw quilt I made I quilted in the ditch around the inside of each bias strip.  I then did a large open stipple on the border.
I will be quilting this one in the same manner.

13. When binding the quilt, I will be using the same yellow that I used in the peeper border.

14.  As its an eye spy quilt, and I have made this one for Kai, I will be labelling it as K is for Kai.....  as her cousins quilt (as featured in an earlier post), is labelled G is for Giaan.

15.  Have fun.  and if you have got this far reading this post you are eligible to enter my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY.  Simply post a comment on this blog about the eye spy quilt that you intend to make and who the lucky recipient to go into the draw to win 5 EYE SPY fabric pieces, large enough to incorporate in this quilt pattern.  Let me know if you will be saving girl, boy or animal prints, so I can match the give away to your stash. 


  1. Thank you Sue for the tutorial. I have always wanted to do a jigsaw I spy.
    I do it for a charity quilt so animals would be great. that way either could use it.
    thanks also for the giveaway Sue.

  2. great work! very clear indeed - thanks for sharing. i would love to be in the running please! animal fabrics would be great to make for my little human to snuggle up to

  3. This is such a lovely quilt for any aged child. I have the mag with the pattern and I'm in the process of saving suitable this giveaway would help. I don't have any GC YeT... but I'll accept AnY fabric of your choice. Thanks for the chance!
    Good work on your FiRsT tut!!!

  4. What a great tutorial!
    I'd love to make a quilt for my niece whoo is expecting a little boy early next year

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I would be making a quilt for a boy so I'm looking for boy/animal prints. I hope I win.

  6. I'll be making this quilt for a baby who is hopefully in my future!

  7. Isn't that cool?!! My son is expecting a baby boy in January, but I would most likely make the quilt for Danielle who is 4...she will be the big sister...

  8. Lovely tutorial - I have already started collecting I spy fabrics. I am a nana now and want one to have AT MY HOUSE which will be fun for the children as well as a quilt for MY HOUSE.....
    Have a wonderful day

  9. oooh- I would love to try this one day!
    I am just about to deliver my first baby quilt to my new great-nephew and will ask the parents if they would like one for Riley when he is a bit older - it may take me that long to make it ;-)

  10. Hi Sue what a fantastic quilt I would love to try making one for a special little girl I know please enter me in the draw if I am not to late
    hugs Beth

  11. That is really interesting Sue. Well done on your first tutorial!


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