Friday, April 27, 2012

Pyramid door stop -TUTORIAL

Here is a quick tutorial on making a Pyramid door stop from your scrap basket.  I first saw this doorstop on Maria's blog (Life on the block ) and she was happy to share the pattern with me.

I decided to make this one a little smaller than the one I had made a few years ago, and did it in shabby chic colours to use in a bedroom

So here we go...

1. Choose a selection of strips from your scrap basket

2. Sew the strips into row.  You are going to need four sides, so make 4 sets of these.  I used them in the order of shortest ones first and got longer as I added more rows.  Great to use up the shorter strips as the top pieces of the pyramid.

3. Press them flat, with all of the seams running the same way.  Make sure they are almost the same length as each other.

4. Stack them on your cutting mat making sure that the top row is lined up. 

5. Decide how wide you want your base, adding 1/4 inch on each side for seams and trim them to this width.  I made mine with an 8 inch base.

6. Find the centre of the top, and cut each side on an angle to a triangle base from top to bottom.

7. Lay the four pieces out in a pleasing manner and sew three of the side seams. 

8.  Make a small loop out of a scrap piece of fabric that was trimmed from the strips.  Fold it twice and press and stitch in place.

Sew the fourth seam placing the loop on the inside (right side) so that it is on the top of the pyramid when you turn it right side out.

9. Cut three squares of scrap fabric (I used calico) one for the base of the pyramid and two to make the weight that will go on this inside of the base of the pyramid. The size of the base will be determined by how wide you made the base of the pyramid. The weight pillow should be ideally slightly smaller than this so it fits nice and snug.

10. Sew two pieces together to make a pillow, leave a small opening and fill with a weighty item.  

11. Carefully fill the pillow and secure the seam. The first pyramid I made I used sand, but this time have used some lentils from my pantry. You could use wheat, split peas etc.

12. Sew the base square to the wrong side of the pyramid sides, leave one side open and turn right side out. 

12.  Stuff your pyramid with your favourite filling, placing the weight pillow in the base of the pyramid.

I stuffed mine fully first, then had a little trouble getting the pillow in and had to make the opening a little larger.  Next time I think I would put the weight pillow in first and then stuff it.

Slip stitch the open closed with a strong thread.
Now you can show your lovely pyramid door stop off.  These would make really cute gifts.


  1. Great tutorial for the Pyramid Doorstop. Your new one looks nice. Oh I put a zip in the bottom so it is easier to wash when needed.

    Love the new look blog too....

  2. Great tutorial... thanks...

  3. I've always wanted to make some of these so thank you so much for the great tutorial.


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