Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free motion fun

As many of you would know, I am practising new techniques for free motion quilting. So since I had finished the barefoot roses sampler quilt I had a good canvas for some more practice, this time I decided to try an all over leaf pattern.

I start with a doodle type sketch of what is in my mind.

Then I practice on a scrap, and then Just go for it.

Here is the completed quilt, names barefoot roses, after the range of fabrics that I used.


  1. Hello Sue,

    This is such a lovely quilting design.
    You must be so pleased.

    Have a happy day.

  2. perfect fmq design for that quilt....... such fun...


  3. Fantastic Sue, just let me know when I can start sending my quilts to you to be quilted, :-)


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