Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Modern Spools

Every now and then I am lucky enough for a magazine to send me a stack of fat quarters to play with.

This design was a result of being sent some in black and yellow, a colour palette that is a favourite of mine.  I have always liked the simplicity of spools for a quilt so designed this quilt with that block with a modern contemporary twist.

The tops and bottoms of the spools are in a toile fabric which is in direct contrast to the modern prints used for the body of the spool and it worked really well. I then quilted it all over in a large spiral.

This quilt features in this months Hand made magazine and the design will be for sale in a few months time.

Modern spools lap quilt - Handmade magazine
Thank you to the ladies that have welcomed me back to blog land... it feels nice to be back and I hope I can find the time soon to visit you all at your blogs and see what you have all be up to.


  1. Very nice Sue! It is great to see you blogging again. Although I don't know how you have enough time to!!

  2. That looks NiCe Sue. I have a spools quilt on my to do list. I already have the fabric ready... just need the time...lol

  3. Hi Sue wow that looks awesome,love the fabrics,well done.

  4. Fabulous colours for the Spool Quilt...

  5. I am as well thankful to see you back Sue!
    Looking forward to seeing what all you keep 'sew' BUSY with! Hugs and blessings Lori (USA)


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